Saving as a presentation show in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

This option exports your presentation so that it opens inslideshow view, rather than in normal view. This is apopular option when sending presentations via email, asthe presentation is attached to an email message in thePresentation Show format so that the recipient onlylaunches the show, not the application and the presentation.

  1. Open a presentation to save as a PowerPoint show. For this example,we will use the SSGreenGroup.pptx presentation.
  2. Choose the Change File Type optionfrom the Export list, then clickon the PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx) option:
ms office 280
  1. In the Save As… dialog box, choosea location to save the file to, as well as a filename, ifapplicable.
  2. Click on Save. The PowerPoint showis saved to the specified location. Note the difference in thepresentation icon when you save it as a presentation show.
ms office 179
  1. Double-click on the file to launch the presentation in slideshowview.

The PowerPoint presentation opens in slideshow view, which allows theuser to click through the presentation to view the next slide. Press theEsc key on your keyboard to exit the presentation when done.

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