Saving as a template in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

A presentation template is a presentation you can create that can beused to produce frequently used types of presentations more quickly andeasily. You could format, for instance, a training presentation, budgetreport, or photo album with the corporate fonts, company information,and logos, and save the presentation as a template. As the presentationis a template, it allows new presentations to be created based on thistemplate.

To save a presentation as a template, follow the steps as per thepreceding example, but change the Save astype: option to PowerPoint Template(*.potx). If you would like the presentationtemplate to be available in the template folder and be accessiblethrough the File | New… templatesoption, then saving to the correct location is very important. Once youclick PowerPoint Template (*.potx) inthe Save As dialog box, PowerPointautomatically changes the location to the default personal templatefolder. This will ensure that the template is available when clicking onthe File tab and selecting the New option.

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