Saving message attachments in Microsoft Outlook 2019

It is important to keep the mailbox size down by saving email messageattachments to your computer, instead of leaving them attached to emailmessages in the Inbox. This will reduce the mailbox sizeconsiderably:

  1. Open an email that contains an attachment to download, then click onthe attachment to open it.
  2. The Attachment Tools contextualmenu opens. Click on Save As to savethe file to a location on the computer.
  3. Note that to return to the message, you simply need to click on Back to message or use the Show Message icon at the end of the ribbon,as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 671
  1. Remove Attachment option is alsoavailable, and a Save AllAttachments option allows you to save attachments to a specificlocation if the message contains more than one attachment. Note that, ifconnected, you can also use the Uploadicon in the Save to Cloud group tosave attachments to an online location (such as OneDrive).

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