Software recommendation: schedule sticky note reminder three in one thoughtful

In the past, we used to use scheduler software to schedule, sticky note software to make desktop notes, and timer software to set timely reminders. WatchMe is a software that can replace the above three needs without the trouble of installing multiple software, it has no installation program, just an EXE file, just run it directly.

1. Group schedule with multi-tab settings

If there are many complicated items involved in your work, you can consider using multi-tab to manage your schedule in groups. To set a multi-tab schedule, execute “System→Add New Tab” command in WatchMe (Figure 1), then name the new tab and click OK button to add a new tab. Use the same operation to add more tabs.


If you want to rename the tab, select the tab and then execute “System→Rename Active Tab” (Figure 2).


2. Adding and editing new schedule items

To create a new schedule item under the new group schedule tab, execute the “Timers→Add Timer” command (or Ctrl+T key combination) and fill in the reminder items.

To edit multiple schedule items, use the up and down triangle buttons to arrange the order, and use the red delete button to delete the unused schedule. If you want to export the schedule list, use the “Timers→Export All Timers” command.


The normal schedule is usually triggered at a certain point in time, but we can also add a countdown schedule. Add countdown by “Countdowns→Add Countdown”. The countdown time can be set by right-clicking on the time display area and selecting the “Set Time” command (Figure 3).

3. More clarity Add note book for projects

Some schedules are not well explained by the schedule title alone, so you need to add more text descriptions to the schedule, which can be added and presented in the form of sticky notes. Click the golden note icon on the right side of the agenda item to open the notebook page and enter the content of the agenda note (Figure 4).


4. More eye-catching Personalization of the schedule colors

In order to make the schedule more visible, we can personalize its colors. Execute the “System→Options” command (or press Ctrl+O), click the Timers or Countdowns tab, and set the foreground and background colors under the Colours column when the timer is running or stopped (Figure 5).


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