Software recommendation: seize the high ground to keep the window at the top

If we have several different programs open and want to keep an eye on the content in one or more of these windows (e.g., small videos, chat messages, live streaming, etc.), we will be busy with frequent switching between windows. If you can put the most frequently used windows on top, you can save the trouble of repeatedly switching. In fact, this can be achieved by using a small software PinWin.

PinWin is an open source freeware. There is no main interface when the software is launched, only an icon that resides in the system tray. All operations can be done by clicking the icon or right-clicking the icon and selecting the corresponding command.

1. Multiple methods to achieve window topping

Menu selection for window topping

When a window is opened, its items must appear in PinWin’s tray menu, we just need to select the item that needs to be topped from the menu, and the program window corresponding to the item will be topped. When multiple windows are selected to be topped at the same time, the last selected program will appear at the top (Figure 1).


Tap on a window to achieve the window top

First, you need to select the Select Window From Screen command in the tray menu, and then move the mouse over the window that needs to be placed on top of the desktop format, then the window color will change, click on the window to set it as the top display.

Shortcut keys for window topping

The default built-in Ctrl+Alt+V key combination is the same as the Select Window From Screen command, when you press the shortcut key, select the window on the desktop that needs to be topped, and then the window will be topped.


The key combination for the top-down operation can be changed. Select Option in the tray menu to open the Options window, check the Use a global hot key checkbox, click the Change button, and then press the new key combination in the pop-up dialog box to change the key combination to a customized personalized key combination (Figure 2). 2.


2. Quickly un-topping windows at once

If you need to un-top a window after multiple windows have been topped, you can click to select them one by one, but this is time-consuming. In this case, you can use the Unpin All Windows command in the tray menu to quickly unpin all the top windows at once (Figure 3).



If the user switches one or more of the top windows to full screen, it blocks the other windows and thus cannot be switched to full screen. In this case, you can simply unpin the window or reduce its size. Of course, we can also use the Win+D key combination or the Show Desktop button to temporarily unpin all windows.

Finally, it should be noted that if you put one or more windows on top and close PinWin, the top window will remain on top.


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