Selecting a chart type in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to select a chart type:

  1. Open a presentation called SSG Employee Chart.pptx.
  2. Choose a slide to create a chart on.
  3. Select the Insert tab.
  4. Select Chart (or use the charticon, which is located on the relevant slide layout).
  5. The Chart Type dialog box willpresent itself on the slide choose a chart type from thelist provided. Note that the Funnel chart is a new chart that was addedin Office 2019.
  6. Once you have selected a chart, click on OK to create the chart on the slide.
  1. The chart will be available on the PowerPoint slide and offers adatasheet that you can type or paste data into in order to update thechart:
ms office 178

Now, we will learn how to enter data into a chart.

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