Selecting a chart in Microsoft Excel 2019

Once the chart exists on the worksheet, you may deselect the chart(click off the chart onto the worksheet) to continue working on theworksheet data. If you need to make changes to the chart, you will needto click on the chart first. When selecting a chart, the ribbon changesand gives one option to edit the chart. This context menu that appearsis called Chart Tools and consists oftwo tabs (Design and Format) from which you will make themajority of chart edits. A frame exists around the current chart whenselected. Once the focus moves back to the worksheet data, the ribbonwill disappear.

Clicking on a chart will display three icons to the top right of thechart. These icons are quick tools to customize chart elements. Whenselecting the first crosshair icon, it will display a list of Chart Elements to the left of the chart,where you can display certain elements or hide certain elements on thechart. The second icon, the paintbrush, will display style and coloroptions, and the third—funnel—icon will enable you to customize thevalues and names of selected series. The icons can be seen in thefollowing screenshot:

ms office 392

When visiting the Print Preview tabon the Backstage view, you will notice that only the chart is displayedfor printing. This is because the chart is currently selected on theworksheet. Clicking off the chart onto the worksheet data will show thedata and the chart on the same sheet if you return to the Print Preview by selecting File | Print.

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