Selecting tab types in Microsoft Word 2019

The Tabs dialog box is anothermethod to work with tabs, giving the user many more options and theability to set exact measurements for professional documents.

  1. To access the Tabs dialogbox, double-click on a tab indent marker on the ruler, as illustrated inthe following screenshot:

ms office 490

Or click on the Paragraph dialogbox launcher located in the Paragraphgroup, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 396

  1. Click on the Tabs… buttonlocated at the bottom of the Paragraphbox to access the Tabs dialog box,as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 397

  1. Note that the default tab stop is at 1.27cm, as per the preceding screenshot, and we have five types ofalignments. Let’s have a look at how each type of tab alignment appearsin Word 2019, illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 48

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