System hacks: self-control Windows 10 timeline

The new version of Windows 1803 introduces the timeline feature in the multitasking view. So, is it possible to turn off the timeline record and just show the traditional multitasking view? Actually, different system versions have the option to customize the multitasking display through Group Policy or registry changes.

1. Change the way of task view through Group Policy

Users with Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise or Education editions can modify the presentation of multitasking view via Group Policy Editor.

Press the Win+R key combination to run GPEDIT.MSC and start the Group Policy Editor. Expand and locate “Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → OS Policies”, and find the “Enable Active Sources” item in the right pane (Figure 1); double-click it and change its configuration to “Disabled Double-click the item and change its configuration to “Disabled”, click “Apply” and OK (Figure 2).



Tip: If you want to restore, change the above settings to “Not Configured” or “Enabled”.

Home Edition users to achieve control with the registry

Windows Home Edition users do not have Group Policy privileges, so you can modify the registry to achieve this. Open the Registry Editor and locate to

If there is EnableActivityFeed in the right pane, change its value data to 0. If there is no such item, right-click the right pane blank and select New DWORD (32-bit) value Name the value EnableActivityFeed, and use the default value of 0 for its numeric data (Figure 3).


If you want to restore the timeline function, you can change the above EnableActivityFeed value to 1.

Tip: Turn off timeline recording with Windows settings

In Windows Creators Spring Update, there is a “Timeline” setting item under “System → Multitasking” in the system settings, however, there is no option to turn off the timeline. We can find another way to control the timeline. In the system settings window, select “Privacy → Windows Permissions → Activity History”, and click the “Clear” button in the right pane to clear the activity history; then cancel the “Allow Windows collects my activities from this computer” to disable the information collection function of Timeline (Figure 4). If you wish to restore the Timeline history feature, simply set the above options in reverse.


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