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What we usually call Logo is the English abbreviation of trademark, in fact, they are different in English. One is a logo (Logomark), which refers to an image or symbol representing a brand, with only a picture and no brand name. The other is a word mark (Logotype), which is exactly the opposite of a logo, and it mainly uses the brand name as the logo. The various methods we describe below are either for logos, or for text icons, and some can be applied to both types of logos and their combinations.

Five simple steps to achieve diverse text logos

Whether it’s a company or an individual, there are many places where you need to create a logo, and most people don’t have art skills, so you can borrow some tools to help. Relatively speaking, text logos are easy to create, and can be done in five simple steps through the online service provided by TailorBrands.

First, open the TailorBrands homepage (, click “Create New Logo” on the left side to enter the design page, then enter the brand name after the pencil icon (I use (I use “CFan” as an example), and then click the “Design!” button (Figure 1).


Next is the “Enter Your Industry” item, follow the prompts to enter the brand belongs to the industry can, here I entered the Magazine (magazine), and then click “Next” (Next). Of course, you can also click “Skip” to skip this step.

The next step is to follow the step-by-step procedure. The first step is to choose the type of logo, there are three options based on icon, based on the name and based on the abbreviated letters, I clicked on the third option. The next step is to analyze the style you like, just click on the sample images you like in succession. After the analysis, the online system will process the design after a system and display the results (new users need to log in).

On the left side of the design page, multiple design results are displayed, click on one of them, and the right side immediately shows the actual application of the logo, including the logo display effect on web pages, cell phones, sticky notes, business cards, tags, bottles, books, T-shirts, etc. (Figure 2).


If you are not satisfied with some details of the design, you can click the “Customize” button to enter the customization page, where you can fine-tune the text content, style, shape, color and other aspects, so that a text logo design is completed (Figure 3).


Quickly customize graphic logos

If you feel that text logos are not enjoyable, we can also use online tools to create graphic logos, I recommend you to try DesignEvo, their Chinese version of the website is, open it and click on the “Free Logo Creation” button to enter the creation page. button, you can enter the production page.

First find a basic graphic according to your needs, through the following popular search, or enter your own keywords to search. Note that this is a foreign website, so it is best to use English keywords. For example, if you enter “heart”, you will get a lot of heart-shaped patterns.


Next, click the left side of the “text”, and then click “Add Slogan”, the editing area will add a text box, double-click to change the text you want, here I entered the “CFan “. We can set the text font, size, you can also rotate the angle and move the position, as well as the text set the art effect (Figure 5).


If you think the graphic is a bit monotonous, we can continue to add decoration to it. Click to switch to “Shape”, select “Badge → Decoration”, then click to add decorative graphics, modify the default color, and then move to the appropriate location. After all the settings are done, click “Preview” on the top to preview the effect of using it in different environments (Figure 6).


Good or bad, a test to know all

LOGO LAB website ( will give us a detailed analysis of the report for free.

First open LOGO LAB home page, click the “UPLOAD A LOGO” button, from the dialog box that opens, select the logo file created above to upload. The website quickly gives us the analysis results, which are based on balance, color, vision (color blindness test), pixelation, scalability, etc. For a practical application, suppose we create a logo for an app, the website will show the results of this logo on Android and Apple phones respectively (Figure 7).


With the help of the above tools, anyone can create a beautiful Logo icon, is not very practical!

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