How to Use Send Anywhere to Transfer Files from PC to PC

In my daily work and life, I often need to transfer files from one computer to another such as photos, documents, videos, music, games and so on. Most of the time, I can complete the task through communication software or U disk. But sometimes I need to temporarily transfer some files to another computer, and I happen to not have a USB flash drive, and the communication software is not installed on the other computer. This is too disturbing …

However, later I discovered the Send Anywhere tool. It’s completely free, and “no login account required” to quickly transfer files directly between different computers via the web. Most importantly, there is no limit on file size/type and number of transfer speeds!

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As a professional cross-device “cross-platform” high-speed file transfer sharing tool, you can send and receive files to and from your computer or mobile phone directly through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer without installing any APP on your computer. Send Anywhere supports different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows, macOS and Linux at the same time. The coverage of the platform is extremely comprehensive! Almost all of your electronic equipment can be connected, very convenient.

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Send Anywhere sends files through the “P2P peer-to-peer method” for file transfer, that is to say, the files are directly transferred from device A to device B without passing through and will not be stored in the cloud. Therefore, there is no limit to the speed of file transfer. It also guarantees privacy. When two devices are transmitting in the same local area network, the speed is limited only by the performance of the device and the maximum transmission rate of the WiFi network. The measured speed can basically reach the maximum speed of WiFi! When the two devices are in different places, Send Anywhere can also transfer files, but at this time, it will be limited by the Internet upload speed limit.

You don’t need to register or log in to any account when using Send Anywhere for file transfer.

How to Use Send Anywhere to Transfer Files from PC to PC

1. Open the Send Anywhere website (, then click the “+” button and select the file to be transferred

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2. At this time, we need to choose the transfer method. The default is the Direct method.

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This method generates a set of 6-digit passwords for verification pairing connections

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In addition, we can also select the Link mode. The file will be uploaded to the Send Anywhere server and relayed through the cloud server. Anyone can download the file through this link, and the file will be retained for 48 hours. But we need to register and log in to the Send Anywhere account. You can share this link to another person in different ways, and he can go to your file through this link.

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Another is the Email mode, by sending an email with a download link to others. This method also requires registering and logging in to your Send Anywhere account.

2. On the recipient’s computer, just enter the password manually or take a QR code through the camera to complete the pairing connection automatically and start the file transfer. This method is the fastest because the two devices are directly connected.

Final words

Send Anywhere can be used to send files of any type and size, and can be sent in batches. It has no speed limit, no platform limit, and is completely free. Whether you use it to transport GB-level movies and videos during entertainment, or to transfer a large number of photos, pictures, or documents between computers in the office, Send Anywhere can meet your file sharing needs. In one sentence, it is powerful, simple, high-speed, Unlimited! Proper efficiency artifact.

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