Sending handouts from PowerPoint to Word in Microsoft Office 2019

You can send handouts created in PowerPoint directly from PowerPointto Word. This is a great feature as it sends the PowerPoint slides andany associated notes into Word automatically and allows you to edit thecontent. It creates a link from PowerPoint to Word and automaticallyupdates the slides in the Word document after making changes in theoriginal linked presentation:

  1. Go to File | Export,then choose Create Handouts from the list.
  1. Click on Create Handouts to createa Word document with the notes and slides from the existingpresentation:
ms office 532
  1. A dialog box appears with two options—the first to choose apage layout in Microsoft Word for the document from the choicesavailable and the second to paste a link to the slides in to theMicrosoft Word document. This latter option is a must if you want thehandout to update each time the presentation changes or is updated:

ms office 782

  1. Click on OK to continue and thehandout document opens up in Microsoft Word:
ms office 253
  1. Save the document to a location on your computer, making sure it isin the same location as the existing presentation in order to update itif the Paste Link option isselected.
  2. If you have any broken links in your document, the changes will notupdate. You can troubleshoot this by visiting the Linked Slide Object options byright-clicking on the content in Word 2019, then going to Update Link from the shortcut menu:
ms office 670
  1. For more options or to set automatic or manual updates, go to theLinked Slide Object option, thenchoose Links:
ms office 412
  1. In this dialog box, you can choose to break any existing links tothe Word document by clicking on BreakLink, update the source presentation, or change the updateoptions.

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