How Do You Fix a Serious Error Has Occurred In the System Software ps4

Playing games in PS4 is one of the best activities that each one of us loves to do when we are at home. It will be happy if everything goes well but what if you face a serious error that has occurred in the system software of PS4, and you don’t know what to do? You might have tried restarting your device as per your best knowledge but to no avail. Don’t worry! Here is the complete solution for you that will help you to resolve the errors.

Try any of the methods that are explained in this article to fix the error and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming at your home. Let’s have a look!

Enter the Safe Mode to Fix a serious error has occurred in the system software

  1. Enter the Safe Mode on PS4

When PS4 is suddenly shut down and not starting in the normal mode, it is recommended to enter the Safe mode. To enter the safe mode you need to follow the below steps:

  • Ensure that the PS4 is completely turned off.
  • Now press and the hold button until you hear 2 beep sounds which might take up to 8 seconds.
  • Now the PS4 will start in the safe mode as shown below.

2. Try update system software, rebuild database or initialize PS4

In the PS4 safe mode, you can troubleshoot the fixes in PS4 following the below options:

Update System Software

Whenever software updates are available, you can download and install them to ensure that the PS4 doesn’t enter the safe mode due to outdated software.

Rebuild Database

When you rebuild the database which may take some minutes, it will reorganize the hard drive and ensure that the PS4 is accessed faster and easier when compared to the previous version.

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Initialize PS4

Initializing the PS4 is like restoring it, with this step all the data and settings will be deleted and makes the PS4 console as it came out of the box. As it deletes the data, it is recommended to take a backup before implementing this step.

Fix the error through Update System Software Manually

To fix the error, it is suggested to update the system software manually when the automatic system update has failed. To update the system software manually, perform the below steps:

Step 1 — Go to “Settings” and then select “System Software Update”. Now, click on “Upgrade Now”.

Step 2 — When you see that the download is completed, the software upgrade service agreement is displayed. Upon agreeing with the agreement, select “Accept” and then press ”X” to confirm your decision.


  • If the download stops in the middle, you need to delete the update by highlighting the file, press “OPTIONS” and then select “Delete”.
  • Again select “Settings” and “System Software Update”.

In addition to this, you need to update the software using an external storage device. To perform this you need to connect an external device with at least 400 MB of free space. Follow the below steps to update the system software:

Step 1 — Download the update and place them in a folder of the USB drive.

Step 2 — Connect the USB drive to PS4 and enter the PS4 safe mode by pressing the power button for a long time.

Step 3 — Select the option “Update System Software”.

Step 4 — In that click on “Update from USB Storage Device” and then “OK”.


How to backup and restore your PS4 data

When you are trying to reset the PS4 data, it is very important to take the backup as the data will be lost. The biggest mistake that people do while fixing a serious error occurred in ps4 is not taking the backup and then looking out for ways to restore the lost data which is impossible. Here are steps to be followed to take the backup and restore:

Take Backup

Step 1 — You need to connect an external storage device with additional storage space which is more than that of the PS4 hard drive.

Step 2 — All the trophies that are achieved by you are not included in the backup, so you have to sync the trophies by selecting the “Options” and “Sync Trophies with PSN”.

Step 3 — Now connect an external storage device to PS4.

Step 4 — Head to “Settings” > “System” > “Backup and Restore”.

Step 5 — Click on “Back Up”. Backup the application data and saved data or else you need to download and reinstall all of the applications. The progress of the backup will be shown in the progress bar and this can be canceled at any time.

Step 6 — Select “Back up” and press “X” once done and remove the external device.

Restore Data

Once the backup is completed, you need to restore PS4 Data:

Step 1 — Go to “Settings” > “System” > “Backup and Restore”.

Step 2 — Highlight and select “Restore PS4”

Step 3 — Choose the needed backup file and select “Yes” to continue and restart your system


When a ps4 error occurred in system software and your PS4 has stopped suddenly, follow the above-mentioned solutions to resolve the error quickly and easily. Taking the backup and then trying to restore the PS4 data will ensure that your previously saved data will not be lost.

The best inbuilt safe mode feature of PS4 will enable you to quickly resolve the issue by selecting the options present on the screen. A single click on the options will ensure to resolve the error and provide you uninterrupted gaming experience.

Note: As trophies that you achieved are not a part of the backup, ensure that they are synced and also don’t forget to take the backup of the data before you perform any of the above steps.

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