Mobile string burning: set a different ringtone for each contact

Nowadays, many users receive numerous nuisance calls every day, and our choice is mostly to ignore them, but then it is easy to miss important calls. At this time, if you can set a different ringtone for each important contact, you can instantly know the identity of the caller and ignore or answer it at the first time.

Most of the Android phones have provided the function of setting the ringtone separately for specified contacts, and this function is not integrated in the option of “Settings→Sound & Vibration”, but hidden in the application of “Contacts”. Take 360 cell phone as an example, enter the contact interface (or switch to the contact tab from the dialing interface), click a specific contact, and enter “Edit → Add other fields → Ringtone” in order to change the default ringtone of the contact.

05wjccs ls 01

05wjccs ls 02

Take OPPO phone as an example, in the editing interface of specific contacts, you can also directly see the option of “Caller Ringtone”, click it and you can modify it at will. When we customize the ringtone for all important contacts, we can know the identity of the other party without looking at the screen when they call, isn’t it very comfortable?

05wjccs ls 03

05wjccs ls 04

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