Mobile crosstalk: set different volume levels for different APPs

Generally speaking, the applications in the phone use the default volume level of the phone, and when playing sound in different environments, it is often necessary to manually adjust the volume for different APPs so as to avoid the impact on others. So, how can you set different volume levels for different applications in the phone system?

CFan has introduced a similar method earlier, and this article recommends a small application called “scene mode”. After launching it will ask the user to open the “auxiliary services” related functions, click the “open” button and automatically jump to the system’s “accessibility services” list. After finding the name of “Scene Mode” application in the list, click it to open the permission.

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Next, we launch the “Scene Mode” application, and we can see all the installed applications in the list. For example, if we want to set the volume level of the “Sina Weibo” application, we will find “Sina Weibo” in the list and click on it, and in the pop-up dialog box we will first turn on the customization function, and then set Then follow the instructions to set the “Media volume”, “Notification volume” and other information.

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In addition, we can also set the screen brightness of the application individually as needed, so as to avoid the visual fatigue that occurs after long hours of reading.

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