Setting column widths and row heights in Microsoft Excel 2019

Column widths are set to 8.43 (64 pixels) and rows are set to 15 (20pixels) by default. Select the column or columns you wish toresize. Use one of the following methods to change the columnwidth:

  1. Right-click over the highlighted column or columns and choose Column Width, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 541
  1. Enter a value to resize the column or columns into the dialog boxprovided, and then click on OK toconfirm.


  1. Locate the Cells group, and thenselect the Format option.
  2. Choose Column Width from thedrop-down list provided.
  3. Enter a value to resize the columns/s in the dialog boxprovided.
  4. Click on OK to confirm.

Alternatively, use the AutoFit Column Width andAutoFit Row Height feature toautomatically size rows and columns to fit the contents withinthem. Either double-click on the column or row separator line between acolumn or a row to resize automatically or select a row and/or column,and then visit the Formattab of the Cellsgroup, from which you will choose AutoFit RowHeight or AutoFitColumn Width.

If you see ###### displayed in acolumn instead of the actual cell content, this often means that thecolumn is not wide enough to show the content within it. Simply use oneof the preceding methods to widen the column to correct this.

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