Setting flags in Microsoft Outlook 2019

A flag is a visual reminder to follow up a contactor message in Outlook. You are able to customize your flags withspecific dates. Once a flag is assigned, it appears in the email view,the To-Do Bar, the Daily Calendar Task List, and the Tasks View. The default flag color is redand, when assigned, it will appear next to the Categories icon to the right of the emailmessage. In the following screenshot, the flag is seen in the email andin the task list (located to the right of the screen positioned underthe calendar):

ms office 223

If you assign a flag to an email message that must follow up a taskon the same day, then the time that the reminder will pop up on yourscreen will depend on the workday default settings in Outlook.

Consult the Outlook Help (Tell me what you want to do) feature for anexplanation of how the default dates work for follow-ups, as illustratedin the following screenshot:

ms office 586

Click on the Tell me what youwant to do text just to the right of the light bulb at theend of the ribbon tabs. Type the following into the placeholderprovided: how do dates work for follow ups.The Help pane will opento the right of the Outlook window, displaying information on follow-updefault reminder settings.

In the next topic, we will look at options to add flags to messagesand contacts.

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