Setting out-of-office options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

If you are going to be away from your desk or office for a longperiod of time (for example, if you are going on holiday or to aconference), you can set up an automatic reply that notifies others thatyou are unable to respond to incoming email messages:

  1. Click on File, then choose Automatic Replies from the Backstageview.
  2. In the Automatic Replies dialogbox, click on Send automatic replies.Make sure that Only send during this timerange: is selected if you are only going to be out of the officefor a set amount of time—for example, for annual leave or maternityleave.
  1. Enter the Start time: and End time: criteria, then add an explanatorynote in the space provided under the Automatic replies section. Note that you canformat your message using the formatting options located just under theAutomatic replies tab. Click on OK to set the automatic reply:
ms office 302
  1. The automatic reply is set and all messages that you receive areautomatically responded to with this message, highlighting that you areaway from the office and for how long.
  1. When you visit your inbox, you will see a yellow notification, justunder the ribbon, indicating that you have an automatic reply set onyour mailbox:
ms office 329
  1. Click on Turn off to remove thesetting from your mailbox so that others do not receive theout-of-office return email anymore. The out-of-office message is storedin the Automatic Replies area if youwish to use the same message again in the future—just remember to changethe dates, times, and message.

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