Setting presentation zoom options in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The default slide zoom is set at 66% when opening or creating newpresentations. To change this setting, use one of the followingoptions:

  1. Use the status bar zoom slider to increase or decrease thepresentation slide size within the PowerPoint environment or,alternatively, click on the minus ()and plus (+) signs to adjust, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 404
  1. Click on the zoom percentage indicator on the status bar to accessthe zoom options, which you can adjust according to yourrequirements, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 676
  1. The Percent text area enables youto type a custom value to zoom, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 198
  1. Or, use the View tab to access theZoom group on the ribbon. Click on theZoom icon to launch the Zoom dialog box, which can be seen in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 318
  1. The Fit to Window option allowsthe user to zoom the slide quickly to fit the Slide pane. Click onthe Fit to Window icon at the bottomright-hand corner of the presentation, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 755
  1. You can also visit the View tab and select Fit to Window from the Zoom group, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
 ms office 208

You have learned to navigate and apply different view options inPowerPoint 2019. Let’s now look at how to navigate between openpresentations in the next topic.

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