Setting Shutter Bar options in Microsoft Access 2019

The Shutter Bar is the area to the left of the database window. Aswith most parts of the program environment, the Navigation Pane can becustomized:

ms office 313

As there is always more than one way to perform an operation in anapplication, we will address the most common method of accessing theShutter Bar options as follows:

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the text reading All Access Objects on the Shutter Bar, thenright-click with the mouse.
  2. From the shortcut menu, select the desired option:
  • Category: This allows the user toshow different categories of objects in the Navigation Pane.
  • Sort By: This allowsthe user to sort A-Z, Z-A, by name or type of object, and so on.
  • View By: This showsdatabase objects in either icon, list, or detail views. This is the sameas the Windows Explorer views options.
  • Navigation Options…:This allows the user to show or hide objects or add objectsto the Navigation Pane, as well as to set options relating to how anobject is opened by a double or single click.
  • Search Bar:This enables the user to add the search bar to the top ofthe Navigation Pane, where we can search for objects if working on ahuge database.

To change the display of the Shutter Bar, click on the drop-downarrow alongside All AccessObjects on the Shutter Bar. Click to choose theelement you wish to display. 

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