Setting start options in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

  1. Select an object to set when you would like an animation effect tostart. In the petal example that we have been working with, the petalshave the same animation effect applied and, when previewed, theanimations all happen at the same time. We will now change the startoptions so that each petal plays after the previous petal, and so on.Let’s get started by selecting the first petal on slide 1.
  2. Locate the Timing group on theAnimation tab.
  3. Use the Start: drop-down list toset how the animation should begin.
  4. For this example, we will set the petals to start after each other,using the After Previous startoption.
  5. Continue to do the same to each petal of the flower, this time usingthe Animation Pane.
  6. Select the next petal, and then click on the Animation Pane option from the Advanced Animation group.
  1. Click on the arrow to the right of a group and select Start After Previous. Notice that the visualrepresentation here is easier to follow due to the greenthumbnails that appear next to each animated group, as can be seenin the following screenshot:
ms office 159
  1. Repeat this process until all the petals have been set with theStart After Previous option.
  2. Preview the animation when complete.

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