Setting the appointment options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

  1. Locate the calendar icon on the Peek bar at the bottom of theNavigation Pane:
ms office 740
  1. From the Home tab, locate theNew group. Click on New Appointment. Note you can right-click ordouble-click directly on a day in the calendar to create a newappointment.
  1. To enter a start and end time of the appointment, make surethat All day event is not active(remove the tick from the option). Be careful to watch the AM and PMtimeslots as you could end up setting your appointment to the wrong hourof the day.  If your appointment will occur at the same time on certaindays of the week for a certain period of time, then therecurring appointment option is perfect. Click on Recurrence under the Appointment tab to set the recurringappointment options. Click on OK to confirm the changes:
ms office 266
  1. To remove a recurring appointment, you need to open an appointmentthat the recurrence occurs on. From the Appointment tab, select the Recurrence icon. At the bottom of the dialogbox, choose Remove Recurrence.
  2. For Reminders, you will receive apop-up reminder 15 minutes before anappointment begins. This reminder can be turned off or set for a longerperiod of time. You would probably miss someone’s birthday party if youonly have 15 minutes to get there or buy a gift! You can also assign asound to your reminders.
  3. To format appointments, have a look at the Format Text tab when you create anappointment. All the options from the Word 2019 environment that you areused to can be accessed from here. WordArt can be inserted, as well as files,Outlook items, tables, charts, pictures, clip art, SmartArt, screenshots, textboxes, drop caps,and objects. In addition, the horizontal line icon is availablehere. Click on Save & Close to addthe appointment into the calendar.

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