Setting the level of importance in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Setting the level of importance of a mail message identifies to therecipient, when receiving the message in the Inbox, how important the contents of themessage are and how promptly they are expected to respond to themessage. The example in the screenshot indicates that the message is ofhigh importance (with a red exclamation mark). This also helps to sortemail messages by importance in the message list.

To set this option, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the New Email option tocreate a new message. Select the Message tab and locate the Tags group, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 389
  1. Click on High Importance to setthe level, as illustrated in the preceding screenshot. 
  2. The red exclamation mark indicating that the email is of highimportance will be visible in the Inbox or Sent Items folders, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 448
  1. You can also set a delivery receipt to show when a recipient hasread or received your email. Use the Options tab to set this under the Tracking group, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 345
  1. Click on Request a Read Receipt torequest a notification when the message has been read by therecipient.

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