Setting the worksheet scale in Microsoft Excel 2019

At times, you might need to scale a worksheet to fit it onto onepage. The options available in 2019 are so effortless to use. Scaling islocated on the Page Setup dialog box,as usual, but a visit to the File tabis the better option, especially if you are printing the worksheet rightaway:

  1. Open the workbook to scale to size—we will use theMattsWinery worksheet for this example.
  2. Click on File | Print from the menuprovided.
  3. Notice that the Sales column isnot showing on the first page of the worksheet.
  4. From the Settings heading, locatethe No Scaling drop-down menuitem.
  5. Select Fit All Columns on OnePage. The Sales column is nowincluded in the preview.
  6. You can also fit an entire worksheet on one page using the Scale to Fit option, available by clickingon the Page Layout tab under the Scale to Fit group (notice that in thepreview, the worksheet consists of four pages currently), asillustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 475
  1. Click to change the Width: to1 page and the Height: to 2pages.
  2. Click on the File tab, and thenchoose Print to preview theworksheet.

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