Setting up a slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

  1. Click on the Slide Show tab alongthe ribbon.
  2. Select the Set Up Slide Showicon.
  3. In the dialog box, select the Showtype as Presented by a speaker (full screen), asillustrated in the screenshot after the following information box:
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This is normally full screen, but there are other options,including Browsed at akiosk, which is used when running business presentationswithout the presenter being in attendance, and without the option toskip slides. Once you have set up kiosk mode, rehearse slide timings byadvancing to the next slide to set a time limit, in order to cover theslide content for viewing. This is to make sure that the audiencewalking by are able to digest all the content on each slide.
  1. Under the Show options heading,select the Loop continuously until’Esc’ option if you are going to be repeating your slide showrepetitively for a walk-by audience.
  2. From the Show slides heading,select which slides will need to be in the slide show while presentingthe Slide Show to an audience.
    If any Custom Shows are available inthis presentation, they would display in the Custom Show: drop-down list.
  3. The Advance slides category isvery important—make sure that you select Using timings, if present so that you do nothave to click your way through a presentation when presenting to anaudience.
  4. Set Advance slides to Manually if you need to pause (or be incontrol) throughout the presentation while presenting to anaudience.

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