Setting up the presenter view in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The presenter view enables you to view speaker notes while presentingto an audience. The audience views the presentation on the main monitor,and the presenter views the presentation with access to speaker notes onanother monitor. The presenter view enables the presentation to beviewed on multiple monitors. In the presenter view, you can also decideto darken or lighten the screen for the audience—for example, during abreak or when a question-and-answer-type session is in progress:

  1. Open the presentation to set up viewing on multiple monitors. Wewill continue with the presentation from the previous topic.
  2. Insert speaker notes to help you with presenting to the audience. Tohelp you, click on a slide to add speaker notes, and then click on theNotes icon on the status bar toactivate the Notes section below theslide. Type the following note: Welcome toour presentation on Safest Solutions Group Travels. We hope to entice you to explore more of ourwonderful trips on offer, including the appropriate cover for yourjourney.
  1. From the Slide Show tab, locatethe Set Up group.
  2. Click on the Setup Slide Showicon.
  3. Locate the Use Presenter Viewcheckbox, and then click to select it. If you have multiple monitorsconnected, the feature will automatically detect the primary andsecondary monitor. Note that the UsePresenter View option is also present from the Monitors group on the Slide Show ribbon.

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