Setting view options in Microsoft Excel 2019

Various zoom magnification percentages are available in Excel. Thisis to give the user the opportunity to reduce the size of the percentagezoom when working with large amounts of data so that all information canbe viewed on screen while working.

The zoom options are located on the View menu and at the end of the status bar.Click on the 100% zoom option toaccess the Zoom dialog box and changeto Magnification, or enter a custompercentage. Once complete, click on the OK command to confirm and commit to thechange. Please note that changes apply to the current worksheet only.The other sheets in the workbook are not affected, unless selected.

The View tab contains more optionsrelating to zooming in or out on a worksheet. To access the zoom optionsvia the ribbon, click on the Zoom iconon the View tab, or click on the 100% zoomindicator on the status bar to access the options.

Select a Magnification option fromthe dialog box, or type your own custom percentage into the Custom text area.

A great tool in Excel 2019 is the Zoom toSelection icon. Select a range of cells on the worksheet andclick on the Zoom to Selection icon onthe View tab. The selected areamagnifies. Click on the 100% zoom iconto return to the normal view mode.

Clicking on the View tab as well asaccessing the Zoom icon from the Zoom group will allow you to customize thezoom level using the Zoom dialog box,as illustrated in the following screenshot:

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