System hacks: “Settings” button is invalid can also reset the computer

In the process of using Windows 10, if we encounter serious system errors or the system is particularly laggy, and we cannot find a good solution at the moment, we can reset the computer to restore Windows default settings. Generally, you can reset your computer by clicking the “Settings” button, entering the “Update and Security” window, and selecting “Recover → Reset this computer” (Figure 1). However, sometimes the system “Settings” button may not work. In this case, we can choose the following three ways to enter the environment of resetting the computer.


1. Using the Start menu

First, if only the “Settings” button does not work and the “Start” menu is still active, click the “Start” button and click the Power button in the menu. “Sleep”, “Shutdown” and “Restart” options, press the Shift key and hold it down, then click on the “Restart “option (Figure 2). The system will then restart and automatically enter the Advanced Options window; go to the Troubleshooting window and select “Reset this computer”.


2. Use the lock screen interface

If you are already logged in to the Windows desktop, but the Settings button is not available, or even the Start button and taskbar are not responding, in this case, we can use the lock screen interface, go to the system advanced options settings, and select Reset PC In this case, we can go to System Advanced Options from the Lock Screen screen and select Reset PC.


Try to press the Win+L key combination to enter the screen lock interface; after that, only the date display in the lower left corner and the network icon in the lower right corner can be seen on the screen; click on the blank space of the screen, more icons including the power icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen; then, press the keyboard Shift key without releasing it, click the power button and select “reboot ” (Figure 3). In this way, the computer will automatically enter the advanced options setting mode after restarting, and you can choose to reset the computer in it.

3. Use Command Prompt

Accessing the environment for resetting the computer can also be achieved by trying to place a special command in the Command Prompt window. If other channels do not work, but pressing the Win+R key combination still effectively launches the “Run” window, you can execute the CMD command in it (Figure 4) to launch to the Command Prompt window.


In a command prompt window, execute the following command (Figure 5).

shutdown /r /o /f /t 00


After that, the system will automatically reboot and go to the advanced options settings window, where we can choose to reset the computer.

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