How to Share Files through Browser in LAN Network with Blaze

Everyone has a lot of digital equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc., often need to transfer files, exchange, or share documents across platforms and devices. In addition to communication software, we can resort to more professional tools.

iFindSoft ever recommended tools such as Resilio Sync, as well as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. However, the former must install an APP, and the latter must be uploaded online and consumes network traffic, and there are restrictions on use. And if you don’t want to install any applications and don’t want to transfer files to the Internet, then Blaze, a web version of peer-to-peer direct transfer tool can satisfy you …

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Blaze is an open-source and free “web-based” online file transfer tool. It is free. You only need to use a browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to visit their website to transfer files.

It is completely different from cloud storage. By using WebSockets and WebRTC technology, Blaze can enable your multiple devices to achieve Peer to Peer file transfer. The entire transfer process does not need to upload the file to any server, but directly between devices. So, if your devices are in the same local area network, you can achieve high-speed and secure intranet transmission without public network.

Support to share files with multiple people in batch

In addition to peer-to-peer file transfer, Blaze can also implement “one-to-many file-sharing distribution”, which supports sending single or multiple files. It is very practical, and everyone does not need to install any APP, only a browser is required to transfer or receive files, so you can achieve convenient and fast file share in scenarios such as office, classroom, team, or family gathering.

As convenient as Apple Airdrop

For your convenience, Blaze does not have any account system. You do not need to perform complicated operations such as registration and login. You just need to open it on the browser of your mobile phone or computer and fill in a name for yourself. There is no previous configuration or steps, which is very straightforward.

If you have experienced the convenience of the Airdrop feature between Apple iPhone and Mac, you will definitely want similar functionality between iOS, macOS, Android and Windows. And Blaze probably did it. Although it is not integrated in the system, it only needs to open the browser to get it. It is still quite recommended.

How to use Blaze

1. Open Blaze in your browser for the first time, and click Start Sharing

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2. Enter a “user name” and “room name” to create a file sharing room (Room).

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You can send the URL to other devices, and others can join this room by opening the URL. You can also open the Blaze website directly on other devices and manually enter the name of the previous room to join it.

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3. When others join the room, their names will display on the webpage, and you can transfer files to each other. Press the “+” sign in the lower right corner or “Add File” to select a file and transfer will start (as shown above). After the file transfer is complete, the browser will pop up a download prompt, select the save path to complete.

PS: In order to ensure the success rate of transmission, please make the devices connected to the same router and the same local area network, and turn off all proxy related settings, otherwise the phenomenon of instability may occur.

Visit the Blaze website:

Blaze officially provides two websites for everyone to use. They are:

Fortunately, since Blaze is open source and free, you can also download the source code to go back and build a private Blaze for your own use with your VPS server.

Final words

Since Blaze uses WebRTC and WebSockets technology to achieve “point-to-point transmission”, files are directly transferred between devices and will not be uploaded to third-party servers. This not only saves public network traffic, but also guarantees security and privacy.

In addition, everyone does not need to install software, only the browser can receive files, so in many occasions (such as when there are many strangers), it is more efficient and convenient than transferring files one by one. And Blaze is free and open source, you can also set up a private Blaze service with faster access on your own server.

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  1. Why nothing happens on a LAN from one Firefox to anoter when I try to send a file ?
    adblock is disabled and “enhanced tracking protectio” is also disabled.

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