Sharing a file to OneDrive in Microsoft Office 2019

Saving and sharing an existing document to OneDrive means that youwill send a document (for storage and for sharing with others) to acentralized secure location on the web. With OneDrive, each person isable to contribute by editing or viewing the actual file using Officeweb applications within the web browser, or locally through desktopversions of the applications. For example, if there is animportant presentation with a client and suddenly your laptop stopsworking, then having important documents stored in OneDrive wouldhelp.

You do not need to bother with flash keys or multiple copies ofdocuments. OneDrive is accessible by means of a Microsoft account suchas Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Xbox, or Skype.

You can connect to OneDrive and sync files on your computer toOneDrive through the Microsoft OneDrive client, as well as using thefollowing steps:

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word 2019 that you wish to share withpeople via OneDrive.
  2. Click on File | Share| Share withPeople.
  1. Save the document to the cloud and share the document with others,as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 131

  1. Click on Save toCloud.
  2. Make sure that you have OneDrive connected to your computer. Youwill notice that once you have clicked on the Save to Cloud icon, your Personal folder will be present with thesign-in information, such as the email address shown in the followingscreenshot under OneDrive -Personal:

ms office 687

  1. If the OneDrive folder is not set up, you can sort this out bychoosing the Add aPlace option, and then selectingthe OneDrive option on the right ofthe screen, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 130

  1. Enter the email address associated with your OneDrive account andpress Nextasillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 177

  1. Enter your password to sign in to your OneDrive account. Once youhave connected to your OneDrive account, you will notice thatthe OneDrive -Personal folder reflects the email address,and the Documents folder willappear to the right of the window as the Current Folder, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:

ms office 287

  1. To save the document tothe OneDrive folder, clickon OneDrive -Personal.
  1. The SaveAs dialog box populates. Click on Save to send the file to theOneDrive Documents folder, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 83
Note that once you are returned to the Microsoft Word document,the Save icon onthe QAT reflects the OneDrive connection.
  1. Clicking on the Save icon allowsthe OneDrive folder to berefreshed, and any collaborator updates are displayed in thedocument, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 500
  1. The document is now saved to OneDrive; although viewable through theWord 2019 interface, the document is actually stored online in OneDrive.See the following screenshot of the OneDrive account with the documentsaved underthe Documents folder:
ms office 81
  1. Once the document is saved, you can return to the File | Share option to share thedocument with others, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 632
  1. The Share pane will open to theright of the Word document, where you are able to see any existingcollaborators, invite other collaborators, or get a sharing link toshare the document with others, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 837
  1. The Get a sharinglink control will offer the option to share the document andallow collaborators to edit the document, or view the document withoutany editing rights. You need to simply click on the Copy icon and then share thelink with others via email, a website link, or a document link, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 76

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