Sharing via an email link in Microsoft Office 2019

In order to share a file via a link with others, you would need tosave the workbook to a shared location. The sharedlocation would be OneDrive. Once shared with the recipientsvia a workbook link, all recipients will be able to work on the samecopy via the link and will see all the changes made by allrecipients.

A benefit of using this method is the small file size. There arenumerous ways of sharing via OneDrive within Excel 2019—we can usethe Share icon to theright-hand side of the ribbon or the Share withPeople option, or we can do this throughthe File | Save As | OneDrive location,as follows:

  1. Openthe ChoclatoFlakSales.xlsx workbook.
  2. Save the workbook to OneDrive using the File | Save As option, then choosethe OneDrive location. If you donot see the OneDrive | Personal | Documents folder location, youwill need to click on Add aPlace from the Save As options to set this upby logging in first, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 654
  1. Once you have signed in to your OneDrive account, the folder will bevisible for you to select in order to place your document online. 
  2. You will now notice that the Save icon located at thebeginning of the Quick Access Toolbar(QAT) has changed to displaythe Refresh icon, which whenpressed automatically updates all changes made by authors who haveaccess to the document, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 111
  1. Click on the File | Share | Email | Send aLink option.
  2. The new email messagewindow will open, where you will enter therecipient’s email address, check the Subject line, add a message tothe recipient, and press Send, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 262

Now that you are competent with the sending via a link option, wewill move on to the topic that explains the sharing via a PDFoption.

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