Sharing via the Adobe Acrobat license (AdobePDF) in Microsoft Office 2019

Sharing a document directly to an email recipient as a PDF file ispossible via the Send Adobe PDF forReview option, but you will require an Adobe Acrobat license inorder to complete the action. Here are the steps to use thisfeature:

  1. Open the document to save as a PDF.
  2. Click on the File | Share | Email | Send Adobe PDF for Review option from the menuprovided, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 845

  1. Once you have selected a folder and a filename for the PDF file,press the Save icon.
  2. If you are presented with an Acrobat PDFMaker error, then you do not havean Adobe Acrobat license for your computer. This means that you will notbe able to use this method to convert the document to PDF. The errormessage is shown in the following screenshot:

ms office 246

  1. Click on the OK command to return tothe Share options.

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