Mobile Skewer: Show WeChat notifications on lock screen

Every day we receive countless WeChat messages, if we unlock the screen every time we hear the beep and go to WeChat to check them, it is too energy and power consuming, especially when we encounter unimportant messages (or advertisements) from a certain WeChat group, it is even more tiresome. At this time, the best solution is to preview WeChat notifications through the lock screen interface, which can help us determine whether the current message is worth unlocking and viewing.

Lock screen display notification messages many people are using, but I believe many friends have encountered the lock screen interface can not display the contents of the notification WeChat (or other APP) problem. The solution is simple, take Huawei/Glory phone as an example, enter “Settings → Notification Center → Lock Screen Notification” and set it to “Show all notifications” (Figure 1).


Next, find WeChat (or any other app that can’t show the content of lock screen notifications) in the application list (Figure 2), enter WeChat and turn on all the switches that allow notifications, especially pay attention to the option of lock screen notifications to be in the display state (Figure 3).



Finally, we also need to go to “Settings → Security and Privacy → Face Recognition” and turn off the function of “Smart Show Lock Screen Notification” (Figure 4), otherwise the notification message will not appear in the lock screen interface before face unlocking.


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