Office hacks: simpler operation to create PPT 3D circle diagram

CFan has introduced the use of drawing 3D + Boolean method to create a 3D circle chart method. If you use this method to create a 3D circle chart, you need to re-partition the picture when displaying data changes, which is tedious to operate.

First, generate a circle chart of the specified data in Excel, and add a percentage data label on the circle. Then right-click to select the generated chart and select “Copy”, open a new PPT slide, click “Start → Paste → Paste as a picture” in turn, the chart into a picture. Then click “Picture → Format → Crop”, the chart picture around the excess part of the crop off, and finally copy the spare. Of course, for convenience, you can also use screenshot software to capture the exact circle chart (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Image Crop

Then, in turn, click “Insert → Shape → Circle Shape”, hold down the Shift key to draw a circle, and the circle will be placed above the above cropped picture, adjust the circle (click the inner ring yellow marker point to adjust the size of the inner ring), so that its shape and the shape of the chart exactly the same, while setting the shape of the outline for no, then right-click the shape and select “Set Shape Format → Shape Options → Fill → Picture or Texture Fill → Clipboard”, so that the above interception of the chart will be filled to the inserted shape. If the data scale has changed, then simply replace the fill image. If you need to intercept part of the display, you can insert a “hollow arc” shape, and then adjust the shape on the original chart to the same size as the data bar on the circular chart (Figure 2).


Figure 2 fill the picture

Next, select the above inserted circle shape, click “Drawing Tools → Format → Shape Effect → 3D Shape”, select a suitable three-dimensional effect, while in the three-dimensional format, “depth” set to 50, and according to their needs to set the appropriate material, light source and other parameters, while rotating to the right angle. Finally, you can also set the parameters of the picture’s light, shadow, etc., so that the picture display effect is better (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Set the 3D shape

Finally, in order to get better results, you can also insert a 3D bar chart coordinate frame with empty data in the PPT, and then place the above 3D circle chart in it to complete the production of 3D combined circle chart. The same method can be used above, first set the color of other parts of the chart in Excel for no fill, only to retain a part of the color, and then fill the screenshot in turn to insert the shape, the same will be set up for each shape after the three-dimensional effect generated to show each independent data part of the 3D circle chart (Figure 4). This completes the production of the 3D circle chart


Figure 4 final effect display

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