Office hacks: simplicity is not simple to create a flat PPT

Flat design is a popular design concept nowadays, and its core meaning is to remove redundant, heavy and complicated finishing effects to make the design works more simple and beautiful. flat design in PPT mainly focuses on common elements such as fonts, color schemes, graphics, typography, etc. to remove redundant and complicated effects, etc.

Fonts – choose sans serif fonts as needed

Text is an indispensable element in PPT, and for flat style PPT, the use of sans serif fonts is more in line with the flat style. Sans serif fonts refer to fonts without serifs. Contrary to serif fonts, this type of fonts are usually mechanical and uniform lines, they often have the same curvature, straight lines, and sharp corners. Because sans serif fonts do not have serifs, they appear more concise and clear in visual effect (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Sans serif and serif fonts

Specifically for daily PPT design, Chinese sans serif fonts mainly include Microsoft Yahei, Holly Black Simplified, Founder Lanting Fibrous Black Simplified, etc., while English fonts include Unisansfree, source han sans bold, etc. Some fonts are installed by default, while other third-party fonts can be downloaded and used online. Some fonts are installed by default, while other third-party fonts can be downloaded and used online. In order to ensure a unified font style throughout the text, you can select any slide, select the font you need to replace, click “Start → Replace” in the pop-up window to replace the current font with your favorite sans serif font, and then click “Replace” to Quickly achieve the replacement of all slides sans serif fonts (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Quickly replace sans serif fonts

Color scheme – beautiful and unified

The color scheme of flat style is mainly monochromatic and bicolor, with beautiful, bright and uniform colors. Therefore, to make your PPT color scheme unified quickly, you can use PPT themes to achieve it. For example, you can download the flat theme package online by yourself and save it after downloading. When you need to switch the color scheme of the theme, just click “Design→Theme→Browse Theme”, import the flat theme package you downloaded, and then apply it to quickly achieve color uniformity (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Choose a theme to unify the color scheme

If you don’t find a suitable theme for a while, we can click “Design→Variant→Color” to choose some monochrome or two-color color scheme to quickly unify the PPT color scheme, like business PPT, you can choose “Blue” to quickly achieve a flat color scheme (Figure 4). ).


Figure 4 Quickly unify the color scheme

Matching – color block plus full image

As mentioned above, the flat style is simple and clear. For PPT image decoration, if it is a full image background image, it is recommended to use the image and color block together to get better visual effect. For the full background picture, if you need to add text on the picture, you can click “Insert→Shape→Rectangle”, insert a rectangle and fill it with a color that has a contrasting effect with the background color, and then set the background color of the rectangle to a color block with a certain transparency, which can weaken the background of the whole picture and highlight the text expression at the same time. More in line with the flat style of design (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Flat design of full image with color block

The flat design concept can also be expressed by using tile style design in PPT. For this kind of small picture design, you can also use color blocks to match, such as inserting staggered rectangular color blocks and filling the color of the blocks with a uniform color, which can form a simple and uniform flat style (Figure 6).


Figure 6 Color block + small images

Layout – simple and clear

There are many layouts for PPT layout, and the flat style is all about simplicity and clarity, so for this type of PPT layout, it is recommended to choose a simpler layout like left and right or top and bottom. The layout of flat layout style can be quickly achieved by using the master design of slides.

For the new PPT, switch to “View → Slide Master”, as above you can choose a flat theme, or choose a monochrome design, and then set the overall layout to the left and right, so close the master view after the new slide will automatically apply this layout style (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Master layout design

Of course, in the actual layout process, we can combine the above flat elements for comprehensive consideration. Suppose we make a flat directory page, we can choose the layout structure of left and right distribution, and then set all the fonts (including Chinese and English) to sans serif, and insert a color block in the middle of the left and right division for isolation, so that a simple style flat directory page can be completed (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Making a flat directory page

For flat style PPT, simplicity does not mean simple. For some data display pages, we can insert charts, visual icons (note that the color scheme should be uniform), etc. to enrich the page. In this way, the whole page looks simple and uncomplicated, which can highlight the flat style (Figure 9).


Figure 9 Enriching the page with other elements

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