Software recommendation: simplify long URLs into short links

Usually, we often come across some super long URLs on the Internet, which are inconvenient to quote in our own articles or share with other friends. When encountering this situation, the general idea is to shorten the super-long URL through the short URL service, this method is good, but it will change the domain name of the original URL, we will not be able to directly see the source of the web page. The following author introduces you to a method that does not change the original domain name, but also makes the lengthy URL more concise.

Using scripts for link conciseness

To achieve such an operation, we just need to be in the browser, install a function script. However, to install a feature script, you first need to install a feature extension in your browser.

First, we search for the keyword “Tampermonkey” in the Windows 10 app store, and click the “Launch” button after installation to open the Edge browser on the system. Click the “Enable” button in the box to activate the feature extension (Figure 1).


Next, open the Greasy Fork website ( through your browser and search for “link address whitewash” in the search box of the website. Click on the “Install this script” button on the page, and then a window will pop up to install the script file.


From now on, when we encounter a lengthy web link, we can simply click the button right below the browser border and select the “Whitewash & Title” or “Whitewash Link Address” button as needed in the pop-up dialog box (Figure 3).


This way the function script will process the link, and when it is done an alert box will pop up in the bottom right corner of the system desktop (Figure 4).


At the same time it is automatically copied to the system’s clipboard and the link in the browser’s address bar is simplified and then the user can easily share it with other people (Figure 5).


Small bookmarks to achieve similar operations

As we have already mentioned, in order to use this feature script, you must first install a feature extension. However, some browsers do not support the installation of extensions, so it is not possible to use feature scripts. In this case, we can use a small bookmarklet to solve the problem.

First, open这个网址 and find the “Small bookmarks installation” area of the page. You can see that the page provides two different formats of bookmarks, so you can choose one of them according to your needs. Then move your mouse to the bookmarklet link and click on it, then drag it to the bookmark bar of your browser or to your favorites to release it. In the future, when you need to clean the web links, you only need to click on the bookmarklet “Powerful Cleanup of Links” in the bookmark bar to complete the operation.

After the web link is cleaned, the bookmarklet will automatically save the URL to the clipboard and redirect the current page to the cleaned up web link address. When the bookmarklet fails to write to the clipboard, an alert box will pop up and the user will only need to copy the link address manually.

Tip: If the user does not get any response when clicking on the bookmarklet, then it is recommended that the user first turn off the ad filtering feature in the browser.

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