Software recommendation: small bookmarks can also solve big problems

Nowadays, when we use web browsers, we try to expand as much as possible the relevant functions of the browser by installing feature extensions or feature scripts. In fact, in addition to these two ways, we can also solve a lot of practical problems by means of small bookmarks like this.

Enable night mode on browser pages

Now we have more and more access to electronic devices, so our eyes will feel dry and tired after a long time. To solve this problem many software developers have come up with various solutions, one of which is to add a “night mode” function to the software or system so that users are not so blinding when watching the screen. However, not all browsers have a “night mode” function, which can be quickly solved by using a small bookmark.

The first thing we need to do is to open our usual browser, I chose the domestic QQ browser here. After opening it, click the right mouse button on the title bar and check the “bookmark bar” item in the pop-up menu, so that the bookmark bar can be displayed. Next, enter a random URL in the address bar and visit it, then click the “Add Bookmark” button in front of it to add it to the bookmarks bar for use. Next, find the bookmark you just added, click the right mouse button on top of it, and select the “Modify” command in the pop-up menu. Next, we set the “Name” input box in the pop-up dialog box to “Night Mode”, paste a JS code in the “URL” input box, and finally click the Finally, click the “Save” button (Figure 1).


In the future, if we want to enable the “Night Mode” function, we just need to click the “Night Mode” button in the bookmark bar, and click the button again when we don’t want to use it (Figure 2).

Tip: Since the JS code of “Night Mode” is quite long, users can visit “” to check it.

Find your desired function bookmark

Although it is easy to add a bookmarklet, the most important thing is to find the JS code behind the bookmarklet that works. Since booklets are not as quick to find as feature extensions through the app store, where do users go to find the booklets they need?


First of all, if you open the link through your browser, you will see a variety of small bookmarks collected by users. The webpage has grouped these small bookmarks by categories, which makes it easy for users to make quick inquiries. Once we find the bookmark we need, we can add it by clicking on it with the left mouse button and dragging it to the bookmark bar of the browser to release it (Figure 3). Here we will “Save Web Page as PDF” this small bookmark to add, later we just need to click on this small bookmark button, you can call the “Convert Web Page to PDF” this cloud service (https:/ / Thus the current access to the web page into PDF format files, when the file conversion is complete and then downloaded and saved to the local hard drive, thereby reducing our manual access to the cloud service operation steps.

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