Small, but extraordinary Seagate Minecraft Mobile SSD

The One Touch is Seagate’s newer line of mobile storage products, featuring a more metallic form factor and excellent performance, and is sought after by many users. As SSDs continue to expand in the mobile storage space, Seagate has recently added a new member to this lineup – the Ming Series mobile SSD.


In terms of form factor, the Ming Series mobile SSD is the same as the previous One Touch series, with a metal casing on the front and silver, black, and light blue colors taken from the series’ common colors. The size is no longer limited by the platter and mechanical structure of mechanical hard drives, so it can be reduced to 70mm x 50mm x 10.5mm and weighs only 74g. Its length and weight are half that of the One Touch mechanical hard drive, its width is 2/3 that of the One Touch, and its thickness has been reduced, making it a leap forward in portability.


Unlike its “predecessors” and “siblings,” the Ming Series mobile SSD enclosure also incorporates similarly positioned elements of Seagate’s Ultra Touch, another mobile storage series. elements, with a fabric cover on the side that provides a warmer, softer feel and a solid grip. The upgraded USB Type-C drive interface is in line with current computer interface trends, making it easier to connect to high-speed interfaces on thin and light notebooks and various devices, as well as being compatible with various Type-C cables.



As Seagate’s new generation of mobile SSDs, the Ming Series continues to support OTG and can be connected to Android devices for data backup. Simply install Seagate Mobile Touch and turn on your phone’s OTG function afterwards to recognize and call out the app while plugged into the Ming Series.



Seagate Mobile Touch can manage files like a common file manager and can also perform file backups. It will automatically recognize the music and documents folders, while the folder of pictures (actually including videos) that need to be backed up requires user-defined selection, supposedly because the location of storing pictures and videos varies widely from one instant messenger, browser, etc., as well as the fact that people’s needs for backing up image files from different sources, such as screenshot files, vary widely, so the APP doesn’t ” Self-made”.



When it comes to cell phone backup, the backup speed is not said to be much faster due to the current cell phone interface rate, but on the computer side, the actual read and write speed is very demanding, so let’s take a look at its performance. Considering the actual application scenario, we did not use a particularly new and high-end configuration, the processor is Core i5-10600K with Z490 motherboard, 16GB Kingston DDR4 2933 memory, and the operating system is Windows 10 20H2.



From the test, the Ming series reached its nominal level of 1030MB/s transfer rate, and the read speed actually slightly exceeded it. Even some older software applications can take advantage of the nearly 1,000MB/s read/write capability. Backing up Windows 10 installation images at this speed takes only a few seconds, 50GB to 100GB of large 3A games takes only 1 minute to 2 minutes, even with ten minutes to fill the 1TB sample used in this article, and the highest capacity 2TB model takes only half an hour to fill.


Of course, such speed can only come from the NVMe standard SSD, and the heat of such high-speed products is always a bit worrying, especially with such a small size, can you ensure that heat dissipation, and will not let the user feel hot hands? We conducted a long time test, the highest internal temperature of 46 ℃, the shell is only slightly warm (room temperature is 30 ℃), we used to pick up directly after the unarmed, into a close pocket are no problem.


Overall, as a mobile SSD for mainstream users, the Ming Series is worthy of the “good-looking” rating. It combines shiny luxury and high-speed transmission in one package, plus support for both USB Type-C and Type-A cables, exFat format for Windows, MacOS and Android, OTG support for mobile platforms, and even color matching with various fashionable digital devices, making it fully compatible. It is a good choice for data transfer and backup that office, digital users and even gamers can rely on.



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