Software recommendation: small tools to play professional picture text recognition

Nowadays, a lot of information on the Internet is published in the format of pictures or PDF files, so that the only way to get the text information in the documents is to use OCR technology. But usually include this technology are professional software, so not only the operation is very troublesome and take up a lot of system resources. So are there any small and miniature tools that can accomplish similar operations?

Quick recognition of picture and text information

In fact, there are such small tools, for example, Easy Screen OCR is one such small tool. First, we download the latest version from its official website (, unzip it and run the program file in the folder directly, you will see the icon of this tool in the system tray. However, to use this tool, you need to do some simple settings.

First, right-click on the tool icon and select the “Preferences” command in the menu, then select the “Language” tab in the pop-up settings window. Since we mainly recognize Chinese information, select “Chinese Simplified” in the list of “OCR Languages” (Figure 1). If you want to recognize text in other languages, then select the corresponding language category in the list.


In the future, when we need to do picture text recognition, first click the right mouse button on the system tray icon, select the “Capture” command in the menu and then use the mouse to frame the area to be recognized. After the selection is completed, a dialog box will pop up, which shows the contents of the screenshot (Figure 2).


Click the “OCR” button at the bottom of the dialog box to start the text recognition operation, and the user will be alerted by sound after the recognition is completed (Figure 3).


Multiple recognition interfaces to choose from

Easy Screen OCR can meet most people’s requirements, but since we need to upload the selected area to the cloud server for operation when doing text recognition. But if the server has a problem, then the operation can not be carried out, so this time we can consider “Tianruo OCR text recognition tool” this tool. The biggest feature of this tool is that it can be operated through the network, calling the text recognition API interface provided by Baidu, Tencent, Sogou, Youdao, etc.

Since this tool is specially developed for Chinese users, there is no need to make relevant settings to use it. After running the tool “Tianruo OCR text recognition tool”, press the default shortcut key F4, then the mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a palm shape. Next, use the mouse to drag and drop to select the area to be recognized, after the completion of the box it will automatically upload to the cloud server to start recognition, recognition of successful information will be automatically displayed to the tool’s input box (Figure 4).


Tianruo OCR text recognition tool uses Sogou’s recognition interface by default. If users want to modify the recognition interface, then first double-click the tool icon in the system tray. In the pop-up window, click the right mouse button, and then select “Interface” in the pop-up menu to choose. Tianruo OCR text recognition tool in addition to text recognition operations, recognized text information can also be quickly edited, split, merged, translated and other operations. The function is not rich and practical!

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