Software recommendation: SnagIt alternative applications for teaching help

I’m sure many of you are not unfamiliar with SnagIt, a very famous screenshot software. Of course, in addition to screenshots, SnagIt can also help us solve some tricky problems. Next, I will share my experience of using SnagIt with you.

Creating chemical equations

For chemistry teachers, whether it is electronic lesson preparation or classes, there are always some chemical equations to be written, and such formulas are cumbersome to edit using MathType with Word, but in fact, they can be easily solved using SnagIt. After starting SnagIt, click the “Open Editor” button in its main interface to bring up the SnagIt editor and open a background image (Figure 1), the production method of this chemical equation is as follows.


First of all, add text and symbols. Single “text box” button, insert four text boxes and enter “iron”, “oxygen”, “ignition” in order and “ferric tetroxide”. Click on the “Arrow” button to insert an arrow and finally insert a “+” sign.

Next, set the size and alignment. Set the size of the text “Iron”, “Oxygen”, and “Iron Tetroxide”, and then set the text “Ignite “, set a little smaller than the other text, and then set the size of the “+” and arrow symbols respectively, and then arrange them well.

As for the second chemical equation, it is made in much the same way; after it is made, save it as a JPG or PNG image, and you can use it in the classroom or insert it into a Word document.

DIY Super Cool Board Book

Teachers often have to write something on the blackboard during class, so using SnagIt to create a board book can make teaching more convenient for teachers. The method is simple. First, use SnagIt to open a background, first enter the title, then insert a rectangle, resize it and set the border color to white, then insert three straight lines and “spell” it together with the rectangle.

Follow this process and then insert other rectangles, lines or arrows to create a complete outline of the board (Figure 2), and then according to the content of the lesson, enter the content of the board in the rectangle and set the calligraphy font can be (such as “Tian Yingzhang Regular Script”, Figure 3).



Tip: SnagIt edited images, saved as files with the extension “snag”, can use SnagIt to edit and process the text, graphics and symbols in the images, so it is easier to create multiple chemical equations, mathematical formulas or board books.

SnagIt recording video

In teaching, sometimes teachers need to show students some video clips, so you may want to use SnagIt to record the relevant video clips.

Open the page where the video file is located, then switch to the Video tab of the main SnagIt interface (Figure 4), press the Print Screen shortcut key, delineate the video capture area and play the video, and SnagIt will start recording the video. After the video clip is recorded, click the “Finish Recording” button to save the recorded video as an MP4 video file.


Tip: Flash animations or the process of playing games can also be recorded as MP4 video using SnagIt.

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