Softnet Life: Make a free HTML web album

If I want to make a web album to display my photos on a web page, how should I do it? Is it necessary to use professional website building software? Actually, you can do it with a free software HTTPhotos. With this small tool of less than 1MB, we can simply apply the template or flexibly customize the layout to generate a practical HTML5 web album.

First, download and install the HTTPhotos software (software download: After launching the software, first create a blank project file and click on the Disk button to save the project file. Then, under the “Select Photos” tab, click on the folder button to add images to the project file, after which you can preview the images in the current window. Click on the slider at the bottom of the window to adjust the size of the thumbnails (Figure 1). To change the order of the images, simply click on the image and drag it. Hover over the image and click on the Favorites icon to favorite the image, which can also be saved as a separate album.


Then, edit the image. Click on the “Edit Photo” tab to launch to the editing window. The top button switches and rotates the image; at the bottom, in the CAPTION bar, you can add a title to the image. The FILTERS filter on the left side of the window allows you to select image effects (from top to bottom: mirror, black and white, emboss, negative, sharpness, blur, zoom, etc.) and adjust brightness and contrast. With the scale selection box in the middle left, you can manually adjust the scale freely or choose a fixed scale (Figure 2).


Next, adjust the layout of the gallery, either by directly applying a ready-made solution or by customizing a personalized layout based on the existing one. Click on the “Customize Gallery” tab, and on the left side of the custom layout window, select a ready-made template type to apply, or switch and customize the background, text, watermark and other items through the tabs on the upper right pane to create a custom layout style The layout style can be customized. Click the Preview button at the bottom to preview the current layout in the web browser (Figure 3).


Finally, click on the “Create Gallery” tab to enter the creation of a web album. Albums can be created locally, just click the “Save on Local Drive” button to create a local album. The local album is saved in the folder “C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentshttphotos” (note that USERNAME is the current user name), the images are saved in SVG format, and the generated web code is in HTML5 format.


After the album is created, we can manually upload the generated HTML web album to our own website or FTP server. In addition, if you register a Digicam Cloud account by clicking “Create Account” in the software, you can save the created album in Digicam Cloud after logging in with this registered account (Figure 4).

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