Software recommendations: software location to move without reinstallation

When we want to move an installed software to another location, we often need to uninstall it and then reinstall it, unless you are using a green software. Because of the registry entries and other system-related files involved, a simple copy of the software directory does not work, and you will probably end up with a runtime error. In this case, we can use a FolderMove software to solve the problem.

FolderMove has only one runtime file, so we can copy the software to our mobile device and take it with us as portable software. After running the software, you can see a three-step wizard interface (Figure 1).


First, click the Browse button behind the “Move from” text box to specify the directory where the software you want to move is located. For example, if we want to move the WinRAR software, specify the directory “C:Program FilesWinRAR” (Figure 2).


Then, specify the target folder location to which the WinRAR software will be moved via the “Move to” text box, e.g. “E:WinRAR” (Figure 3).


Finally, click the “Move and set Symbolic link” button to move the program and update the system configuration automatically (Figure 4). The automatic updating of the system configuration is done by the symbolic link command in the background of the software, the user does not need to know the exact usage of the disk symbolic link, everything is done safely by the software to ensure that the software is arranged in the right path and is running properly.


If you need to move the software to an external medium, it may be safer to set the symbolic link to hidden. To do this, select the “Set Symbolic Link to hidden” option and then click on the “Move and set Symbolic link” button.

As one of the most useful concrete applications of FolderMove, when we have installed some large software or games on the system disk, and the system disk is tight on space, then use FolderMove software to move the software to another partition or another piece of media to ensure that the software will keep running normally and free up more space for the software to run smoothly. .

Tip: To ensure the success rate of the software moving process, it is recommended to run FolderMove software in administrator mode and perform the moving operation on the software.

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