Software recommendation: software purification bundled pop-ups in addition to a key

Although there are more and more software options available on the Internet, there are a lot of bundled software, components and pop-up ads hidden in a lot of software that people can’t guard against. So, for users who have installed a lot of software, how can they find out if the software is bundled and unbundle it quickly? In fact, the new version of 360 Software Manager “purification” module can easily solve.

First, start 360 Software Manager, click the “Purify” button on the tool to switch to the purification window, and then click the “Full Purification” button to start the purification scanning process (Figure 1).


Tip: Click on the “Software Permissions Management” option, the software will automatically scan for software that has obtained sensitive permissions to gain access to the system management sensitive permissions, often with the ability to bundle software and send pop-ups and advertising information. If you turn on the “Real-time Blocking of Sensitive Permissions” switch in this window, the system will promptly block any software that obtains sensitive permissions for system management in the future.

After scanning the system, the purification module will automatically list the list of problematic software and the number of problems, and then list the problematic software in two areas: serious and minor, including the number of problematic items for each software, and the number of default options. Users can customize the number of items to be cleaned by selecting the box or further clicking on it. After setting, click the “One-Click Cleanup” button to complete the one-click cleanup task (Figure 2).


To personalize the above items, simply move your mouse over an item and click on the “View Details” text link to access the details window. Here, you can uninstall the bundled components instantly by clicking the “Uninstall” button, or block the pop-up ads by clicking the “Block” button. You can also click the “Purify” button to purify the program with one click (Figure 3).


After the purification is completed, the software will give a purification report. The report includes the number of bundled software and bundled components cleaned, silent startup and self-starting software unblocked, pop-up adware blocked, and software that added taskbar icons (Figure 4).


Tip: If you missed any items in the previous settings, you can click “Rescan” to check again, and then follow the above steps to clean up once or selectively.

After finishing the purification operation, all the blocked items can be seen in the “recovery area”, if there are items that need to be recovered, you can click and unblock them in this window. Some of the items that are checked but we think should not be blocked are recorded in the “Trust Area”; if there is a wrong release, you can also enter to block again. The Restore and Trust Area buttons are located in the bottom right corner of the main window of Purge.

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