Software recommendations: compressed files can be more flexible

Usually we often work with pictures and PDF documents to deal with, in order to transfer more smoothly online, you need to reduce their size as much as possible. If the picture or PDF file compression software, the other side to receive the other side also have to be recompressed in order to use. In fact, through Docsmall, an online compression service, we can compress pictures and PDF files without changing the file format.

Make Emoticons Smaller

For picture file compression services, both computer software and online services have been a lot, but these services are often only for JPG and other common picture formats, and the dynamic GIF emoji are not supported, and Docsmall can make up for the lack of these services.

First, open the home page of Docsmall at and click the “GIF Compression” button to enter the GIF file compression operation page (Figure 1).


Click the plus button in the middle of the page and select the GIF file to be compressed in the pop-up dialog box. The service allows users to upload up to 30 files at a time, and the size of each file should not exceed 25MB, which is a limit, but it is enough for ordinary users. Then, in the compression parameters page, you can select the compression strength of the image files, and you can choose from four options: light, normal, strong, and very strong. In addition, by adjusting the “Scale” slider, the size of the GIF file can be scaled (Figure 2).


When all the parameters are set, click the “Start Compression” button next to the file, and the service will compress the file according to the specified parameters, and when the compression is complete, the information about the image and the compression percentage will be given in the list. (Figure 3). If the user uploads multiple image files for compression at once, the service will package the compressed files so that they can be downloaded at once.


Tip: Docsmall service also supports compression of JPG and PNG images, users only need to select the “Image Compression” button in the home page to operate.

Compression of PDF files is also convenient

Docsmall can not only compress pictures, but also compress, merge, split and other operations for PDF files. If we want to make the PDF file size smaller, then first click on the service’s home page in the “PDF compression” button, the same in the page opened by clicking on the plus button, and then in the pop-up dialog box to select the PDF file to be compressed.


The service allows users to upload up to five files, and the volume of each file can not exceed 200 MB (Figure 4). Next, set the compression strength and then compressed on it, but here we need to remind you that, due to the complex format of PDF files, so it is not recommended that users choose “strong” and “very strong” two compression strength, to avoid the compression of file can not be opened properly.


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