System hacks: Solve Windows 10 search problems comprehensively

Windows 10 system comes with a file search engine, but sometimes the search does not work, such as the search does not work at all, or obviously the file exists but can not be searched, or the search file is a broken link or has been deleted files, etc.. So, how to solve these problems?

1. can not search at all? Turn on the search service

If the search function does not work, first of all, you need to check the effectiveness of Windows search service.

Press the Win+R key combination to start the “Run” dialog box, type services.msc and execute it. In the “Services” window that opens, find and double-click the Windows Search item and set the “Service Status” to “Startup” in the properties configuration window. Specify the startup type as “Automatic” or “Automatic (Delayed Start)” (Figure 1).


2. Some searches are not available or the result files are invalid

By default, the search engine only indexes files for locations such as the Start menu, user folders, and OneDrive files (offline files only). Therefore, relying on the default settings of the search engine may not allow you to search for certain files that are already on your computer. In this case, additional search sources need to be added. In addition, if the files searched are invalid links, or the files searched have been deleted, it means that the index file used has expired, and the search index needs to be re-established.

3. search miscellaneous problems using built-in troubleshooting

First start Control Panel, click “View All” in the left pane, then find “Search and Index” from the list of “Solve Computer Problems”, click this to start the Search and Follow the wizard’s instructions and answer the questions step by step until the problem is solved (Figure 2).


4. Reset Windows search by script

If the solutions mentioned above do not fix the search, then you can only reset the Windows search. We can run the Powershell-specific script provided by Microsoft to reset the search.

First download the file (download address:, unzip it to get the WindowsSearchReset.ps1 file, then right-click the script file and select the “Run with PowerShell Run” option to run the script and reset Windows 10 search (Figure 3).



If the error message “Unable to load because running scripts are disabled on this system” appears, execute “Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted” command in the PowerShell window with administrator privileges to disable it.


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