Specifying the font for new HTML messages in Microsoft Outlook 2019

You can specify the fonts for traditional-style documents—namely, theHTML-type message as a default in Outlook 2019. By traditional-styledocuments, we mean those that contain bullets, fonts, colors, andimages. Plain-text messages are also available but, of course, will notsupport bold or italics or any formatting:

  1. Click on File | Options, then,in the Outlook Options dialog box,make sure you are on the Mail categoryto the left to access the options.
  2. Under the Compose messagesheading, select the Stationery andFonts… button.
  3. Click on the Font… icon under theNew mail messages heading to specifythe font for new HTML messages.
  4. In the Font dialog box, choose theformats you would like to apply to every new mail message by default.For this example, the font face and font color were changed. Forreference, font face refers to the font type that you choose from theFont: drop-down list.

Refer to the following screenshot to view the precedinginformation:

  1. Click on OK to confirm, and OK again, and once again to exit the dialogbox. The sample text has updated in the preview window, and, when typingin a new mail message, the changes will be noted.

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