How to Speed up Video on Windows 10 and Mac (App, Extension, Online Watermark-free Tool)

Lately, there is so much video content to be consumed, whether YouTube videos, online courses and training, movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, there is limited time to watch all of the things. It might have crossed your mind at one time or another on how you could watch as many videos in the shortest time possible. You might also want to speed up videos for fun or upload them on platforms with a duration limit—no worries, there is a quick fix to this.

Your Windows 10 media player might not conventionally come with a playback speed option on-screen while watching the videos, but there is a way around it. We have put together simple solutions to help you speed up your videos on Windows 10 and Mac OS for free and without any hassles. This can be done using free video editing apps or online extensions or simply tweaking some settings in your Windows media player.

Are you excited already? Let’s dive in.

Solution 1 – Increase video speed playback with Windows Media Player.

You can easily increase the playback speed of your videos in the default media player on Windows 10. This can be achieved by locating the video file location in your Windows media player’s library and adjusting the speed.

Achieve this by following these four simple steps

Step1: Locate the video file in the Media player’s library and open it in the Now Playing Mode

Step 2: Right-click anywhere within the new window

Step 3: Scroll down to the enchantments menu and click on the Play speed settings option.

speed up video 1

Step 4: Once the speed settings appear, drag the slider to the right to speed up the video. You can also pull it left to reduce the speed to your desired preference.

speed up video 2

In some cases, the Snap Slider to Common Speeds option is enabled. When this happens, the Media Player will automatically place the slider to any available speeds. Positioned between two playback speed values, you can select between Slow, Normal, and Fast options if you desire to use default playback speed values.

Note that the speed cannot be increased to more than eight times the original value, and this does not alter the video file but only the playback in the media player. The speech of the video characters is also disturbed by an increased speed setting.

Solution 2 – Speed up videos on mac and windows using iMyFone Filme video editor

iMyFone Filme is a great video editor available for Mac and Windows 10. This tool has a simple user interface and does not require any form of experience in video editing. By following these few simple steps, you can increase the speed of your video buff out any stress.

Step 1. Download and install the software on your Windows or Mac 

Step 2. Launch the Filme software after the installation, select the option entitled import media, and apply to multiple projects

Step 3. Navigate to locate the video in questions, double click to import it in the software. Afterward, truck and drop the video from the middle library to the timeline.

speed up video 3


Step 4. Select the speed icon present in the toolbar; once selected, speed settings would appear

speed up video 4

Step 5. To increase the speed of the video, move the slider to the right you can also adjust it to your desired speed by reducing it to the left to slow it down. Ensure that you select the speed bet you find suitable and confirm by clicking ok.

speed up video 5


Step 6. You can export the video by selecting the export option from the top menu bar. You would be required to enter information such as the filename quality and format, after which you click export to save the video.

speed up video 6

Solution 3: Speed up video on Mac using iMovie

iMovie is one of the best free software for Mac users to edit videos available on the app store. This easy-to-use software can enable you to speed up videos in no time.

Steps to speed up a video using iMovie

Step 1. Download and install the iMovie app on your Mac OS

Step 2. Start a new project and import the intended video. Drag the video to the iMovie timeline to begin editing  

Step 3. Select the speed icon and chose fast from the drop-down box

Step 4: Choose from the different speed options 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x.

speed up video 7

speed up video 8

Step 5. Export the finalized video by selecting file, then share. Navigate to the file on the dropdown bar. Set the video quality, click next, set the destination and name of the file, then save.


speed up video 9

Solution 4. Make a Video Fast Motion Video on Windows 10/Mac with 5Kplayer.

Step 1. Download 5KPlayer, install and launch on your PC.

Step 2. Import and play the video with 5KPlayer, then click on the “scissors” icon to access 5KPlayer “Video Editing” tools

Step 3. Select the speed you desire by using the slider or imputing specifically the speed number up to x2.0. 

speed up video 10

Step 4. Tap Start Preview to preview the video and ensure it is the preferred speed.

Step 5.  Click on Save file to export the sped-up video

Solution 5. Speed up a video using Filmora on Windows 10 and Mac

With the Filmora editing app, you can quickly increase your video speed within an unlimited range. It also gives you an option to separate video and audio sounds, so your audio speed isn’t affected.

Step 1. Import your video to the timeline, and right-click on it after download and installation

Step 2. Select the Detach Audio option from the menu. This will cause the audio file to be placed directly below the video track.

Step 3. Right-click on the video file a second time, and select the Speed and Duration option.

speed up video 11

Move the slider to the right to increase video speed.

Another way to do this is

  • Tap the speed icon toolbar to have access to the preset speed values.
  • Locate the Fast submenu, where you can increase the speed without limit.

Note that increasing the speed reduces the duration of the videos.

Solution 6. Speed up videos with fee online watermark free tool Kapwing

Several free online tools can be used to speed up videos without a watermark. These tools can be used without the need to download or install any software.  One that is very simple and easy to use is Kapwing.

Check out these simple steps to follow to speed up your videos using Kapwing.

Step1. Open Kapwing in your web browser to change the video speed service.

Step 2. Select ‘upload,’ locate the video file, chose the video file to import it, or input the video URL

Step 3. Once imported You can increase the speed by selecting on speed options from

1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x or 3x

speed up video 12

speed up video 13

Step 4. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate speed. Click export and enter the destination where you need to save the video file.

Solution 7. Speed up Video Online Free with Chrome Extension

When watching videos on the internet, you can handily add a chrome extension such as a video speed controller to speed up the videos for free. You can use this for YouTube or online videos.

 Steps to speed up videos online with Chrome extension.

Step 1. Locate the Chrome Web Store in your Chrome browser.

Step 2. Add Video Speed Controller to Chrome

speed up video 14

Step 3. Select the extension icon and pin Video Speed Controller in your Chrome browser.

speed up video 15

Step 4. You can either click D to increase the speed of the video online or tap on the extension icon to increase the speed.

speed up video 16

C’est fine. Straightforward!

You should bear in mind that this method is not enabled for Instagram and Twitter videos, and it might be a little challenging to adjust speed accurately.


There you have it, straightforward, hassle-free solutions to enable you to increase the video speed on your Windows 10 and Mac. When you follow any of the simple steps above, you can watch more videos in less time and upload shorter funny clips.

The disadvantage of some of these solutions is that the audio and speech of the video characters might be inaudible and have lesser clarity. Some other video editing apps can adjust the playback speed of only the video while leaving the audio intact, which is a preferable option.

Let us know in the comments section which of the following solutions you would be trying.

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