System hacks: “Start” menu can not apply the theme color and transparent color

Usually, the Windows 10 Start menu can be set to a scheme that changes with the system theme color, and can also be set to a transparent effect. However, some users encounter the Start menu can not apply the theme color or transparent color, or the option becomes unselectable. In this case, how to solve it?

1. How to apply the two effects under normal circumstances

Under normal circumstances, to apply the existing system theme color effect to the Start menu, simply go to “Settings→Personalization” and select “Color” under the option “Show theme color in the following area” option (Figure 1). To turn on the transparency effect, just turn on the “Transparency Effect” switch. 2.


2. Unable to set the situation and the reason analysis

System “Settings” in the “Start” menu application theme color option becomes unselectable, it must be the registry value involving this item was changed (artificial or software changes) (Figure 2). Upon inquiry, the user was informed that the above phenomenon occurred after using Auto Dark Mode software and uninstalling the software. Auto Dark Mode is a software that modifies the color of the system, so it is very likely that the registry was modified by this software. Of course, the software that can modify the registry settings here is not unique, so if you encounter this problem, it may be caused by other software changes.


3. Modify the registry to solve the problem

First press Win+R to launch the Run dialog box, then execute the REGEDIT command to open the Registry Editor. In the Registry Editor window, locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionThemesPersonalize” in order (Figure 3).


In the right pane, look for “EnableBlurBehind”, if there is no such entry, right-click on the blank space, create a new value of type DWORD (32-bit) and name it “EnableBlurBehind “, double-click the value, set its value data to 1 (Figure 4).


Next, use the same method to create another DWORD (32-bit) value “EnableTransparency” under the same branch, and set its value data to 1 as well.

Finally, close the Registry Editor and log on to Windows again.

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