Software recommendations: static pictures instantly change the sense of music album

Usually we save all kinds of pictures on our computers, such as graduation photos, pictures of outbound trips, pictures of company extension training, etc.. We often need to turn these static pictures into dynamic albums, such as turning company expansion photos into videos, so that they can be used for company promotion. Now you can quickly turn static pictures into dynamic music albums with the help of “WanCai Image Master”.

First of all, save the photos you need to make a video in a folder, and after you start the software, you can see that there are many beautiful templates built in “WanCai Image Master”, we just need to choose a template according to the theme of our album and click “Try” to download it to Click “Try” to download it for local use (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Adding a template

After applying the template as prompted, you will be able to preview the template effect in the window that opens. Click “Add Library” or directly drag the folder of photos you need to make an album to the library and open it, then drag the photos in the library directly to the photo library below in order to replace the original photos according to the template effect below, so that the template effect can be applied to each photo directly (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Replacement photo

Of course we can also customize the effect of each photo, for example, click edit on a photo, enter the edit window and you can replace the photo effect or rotate it and other operations. Text effects for text editing, such as writing a text description of the theme of business expansion. Of course, we can also create a header image according to their needs, for example, here is the production of corporate development photo video, you can first use tools such as drawing to create a picture, and then write the text of the video theme in it, and finally insert it into the first station of the template picture location, it is used as the photo album header file, you can also create a picture at the end of the film.

Click the Music button at the top left of the window and select a piece of music as the background music of the album. Click “Preview” to see the final effect of the album after completing the above operations. When you are satisfied with the preview, click “Output-Video” and choose the format and size you want to output in the window that opens (the free version can output video directly, but it will have a watermark effect), and finally click Publish (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Output settings

The default output is MP4 format, so that the output video can be played directly on cell phones and tablets, as well as on computers and smart TVs, so that you can create dynamic albums with beautiful effects through simple operations (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Video effect

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