Status bar in Microsoft Excel 2019

The status bar resides at the very bottom of the Excel environment.It is a gray bar that displays information about the current workbookand provides quick access to some tasks. The status bar resides on allOffice applications and has information relevant to the specificapplication that appears along it. You will notice a Ready indicator at the start of the bar(refer the next screenshot for the position of the status bar).Right-clicking on the status bar will provide youwith a shortcut menu to make changes to the status bar. You can add orremove items from the status bar. A tick to the left of the textidentifies items that are already active. Active means already selected,visible, or selected. To add or remove an item from the status bar,simply click on the desired text option on the shortcut menu.

AVERAGE, COUNT and SUM are the default functions that provide aresult to selected values on a worksheet along the status bar. To changehow these values are calculated, right-click, and select anotherfunction to perform. If you highlight a range of numerical values on aworksheet, Excel will display the count, sum, and average of thosevalues on the status bar.

The position of the status bar can be seen in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 254

We will now look at the different zoom magnification optionsavailable in Excel 2019.

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